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Zaphire is the world's first all-video social hiring platform

Jobs, Learning, Community & More



Find opportunities faster than ever with quick matches and on-the-spot video interviews. Skip the lengthy application process for good.



Equity and fairness build into the app with all-mobile experience, closed captions, verified jobs, and the ability to eliminate bias with Blind Hire ™ .



Make your job search fun and easy by creating an interactive video resume with avatars, masks. Show your creativity and stand out.

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Why Zaphire ?

Because you deserve more out of the hiring process, and we redesigned it for that reason.

Zaphire is built for today’s modern jobseeker, giving you more of what you expect:
instant engagement, authentic connection, efficient processes, and, most importantly, equity and fairness!
Built for the future, Zaphire is
Fair, Fast, & Fun!

Find opportunities, not job postings

Step into your future. Be yourself and showcase your talents. Be discovered by companies that value you.

Hire people, not profiles

Meet your candidates, experience their personality. Assess their capability, find the best fit in real-time.

Recruit people, not resumes

Discover limitless opportunities. Extend your global reach, boost access to real talent, publish interactive video job posts.

Teach people, unleash their potential

Share your content, target your audience anytime, anywhere. Create live interactive experiences, discover new revenue streams.

How It Works

Step 1. RECORD

Easily create an amazing video resume in under 5 minutes in our easy to use mobile studio. Feeling shy? Use an avatar instead (coming soon).

Step 2. MATCH

Find suitable opportunities and start swiping instantly. Just like friend requests, you choose to accept or keep searching.


Chat with recruiters, hiring managers, or other professionals via text, voice, or video directly in the app. Find opportunities and accept instant interviews.


Congratulations. Welcome to the new way of getting hired.
Fast, Fair & Fun!

A New Experience
Designed For Modern Jobseekers

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Unique Features

Mobile Studio

Not sure where to start? Hop into the mobile studio to build your video resume in under 5 minutes with templates, animations, and even your own unique avatar (coming soon).

AR Search

On the hunt by foot? Discover opportunities nearby with Augmented Reality and around the world with the interactive map.Just point, tap and apply!

Match & Connect

Show interest with a swipe! Swipe right to shortlist and swipe left to move on. Mutual connections get the opportunity to chat, make audio or video calls in the app.

Social Networking

Connecting with other professionals just got easier. Grow your network, engage with your audience, and explore new opportunities in real time all within the app.

Equity & Diversity

Fairness is the backbone of the Zaphire platform. Blind Hire ™ (coming soon) reduces bias in hiring and levels the playing field for truly equal opportunities for all.

Live Engagement

Have something exciting to share with the world? Host your own professional event live in the platform. With live streaming, you can join global job fairs or get interviewed and land a job on the spot!

Fanatics for Fairness In hiring, and in life.

The hiring process can be unfair and filled with bias. The lack of equity, inclusion, and diversity in the job market has, in recent years, been brought to light, and it is the Zaphire mission to redefine the jobseeker experience.

Unfair advantages in the hiring process are nearly nonexistent when using the Zaphire platform. Zaphire uses technology to bring balance to the hiring process with innovative solutions such as an all mobile experience, fair matching algorithm, blind hiring option, and more.

Zaphire sits proudly on the foundation of fairness and equity.


People first. Always.

The old-school way of finding a job and attracting top talent just wasn’t working, and Divan Gamaliel sought to build the next wave of the hiring process for future generations.

After nearly 2 decades in the tech space navigating the job market as both a jobseeker and a hiring manager, he decided to innovate the hiring process which is often flawed by inefficiencies, disconnection, and severe bias. From this idea came the world’s first-ever all-video social hiring platform.

Jobseekers have been vocal in their call to make the job search simpler, more accessible, and fair for all. Zaphire is the answer to that call.

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