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Professional Connections
With Real People
In Real-Time

Find, share, create opportunities anywhere, anytime with live interactive video on the
Zaphire LIVE mobile app.


Live Connection

Real-time meaningful connections with people


Live Engagement

Drive deeper engagement with your network


Live Community

Interact, share, and learn with your community in real-time

Find opportunities, not job postings

Step into your future. Be yourself and showcase your talents. Be discovered by companies that value you.

Hire people, not profiles

Meet your candidates, experience their personality. Assess their capability, find the best fit in real-time.

Recruit people, not resumes

Discover limitless opportunities. Extend your global reach, boost access to real talent, publish interactive video job posts.

Teach people, unleash their potential

Share your content, target your audience anytime, anywhere. Create live interactive experiences, discover new revenue streams.

Career Fair

Make it easier to attract global talent, find global opportunities


Advanced interactive experiences with your audience in real-time


Anywhere anytime interactive reach. Advance attendance, retention rates

Super Power in Your Hands

Video live streaming, a few clicks away; find opportunities, a few minutes away. Go live, show yourself to the world interactively in real-time.

Co-host up to 4

Invite co-workers, friends, or your live audience to share the stage in real-time. Increase viewer engagement, improve interactivity.

Reach over 1 Million

Connect with your audience, live at scale, in real-time. Discovering opportunities interactively, in one place, NOW.

Transcribe, Translate, Localize

Access opportunities anywhere in the world with translation and localization capabilities. Break down the language barriers.

Video on Demand

All your live-streamed content are recorded, stored, accessible to your audience anytime. Increasing the visibility, lifetime, and value of your live stream.

Professional Live Interactive
Video Streaming For Everyone

Make Connections With Real People

There’s a person behind every digital profile - including yours! Be seen, be heard, and be recognized on the global stage.

Interact With Opportunities In Real-Time

Discover real opportunities and real talent. Simplify human expression in real-time, and unleash opportunity for all.

Be That Authentic Professional Influencer

Teach, coach, and share content with your global audience in multiple languages. Motivate people to discover their potential in real-time.

Get early access to the world’s first professional live interactive video streaming network for opportunities

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